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A MicroPython implementation of Homie, a lightweight MQTT convention for the IoT.

Currently Microhomie implements Homie v3.0.1.

Latest release: v0.3.1

This project is in beta stage.

Known issues

  • SSL connection problems at least with ESP8266
  • In lost of Wifi connection, there is a chance MQTT qos==1 will hang forever


You can get the detailed installation instructions here: http://microhomie.readthedocs.io/

Local Development setup

You have to compile micropython with this guide https://github.com/micropython/micropython/wiki/Getting-Started

After that, you can install the required libraries.

micropython -m upip install micropython-umqtt.simple
micropython -m upip install micropython-logging
micropython -m upip install micropython-machine

Node Installation