Build your own Microhomie ESP8266 firmwareΒΆ

If you want to build your own Microhomie firmware, maybe for helping us with development, learning or just for the fun to build your own firmware, follow the next steps.

First clone the Microhomie repository:

git clone

The next step is to setup the build environment, build the esp-open-sdk (Requirements and Dependencies), get the MicroPython source, prepare it for the Microhomie firmware and download the required MicroPython modules:

cd microhomie
make bootstrap

Now you can build your Microhomie firmware and load it to your ESP8266:


Erase and flash:

make delpoy PORT=/dev/ttyUSBX

Just flash:

make flash PORT=/dev/ttyUSBX

If you want to help with development, please use our linting:

make lint